When we talk about “innovation in everything,” it really starts with questioning everything. We want to know why things work, how we can make them better, and what do we have to do to make that “better” a reality.

What makes us, and our culture so different at OCTEX is that we take innovation seriously enough to actually dedicate a corporate division to it as a center of excellence (COE) and then translate that spirit to our entire company. We develop our technology, particularly in nascent and emerging technology road maps by researching future trends, seeing how what’s to come can be applicable by us on behalf of our customers and white-boarding everything as we develop relevant products for market. Our commitment to innovation and technology is advanced by the PhDs on staff for material science and developing exclusive processes, all with one goal in mind: How can we make everything we do for our customers better, faster and more efficient. Our mission is to live and create in a world where imagination and innovation know no limits.