All Things Possible

“Providing solutions and manufacturing in the USA can be a beautiful, awe-inspiring and elegant process. At OCTEX we have elevated this art form and are committed to this noble pursuit.”

So what makes us different? The people of OCTEX. Our dedicated team is willing, in every aspect of what we do, to deliver whatever it takes to achieve success for our customers. We value partnerships because we know great connections make great chemistry and drive results.


We engage proactively and inquisitively in all we do, adhering to the principle of perpetual innovation fueled by nascent and emerging technologies. And we continue to evolve apply our new knowledge and set new benchmarks by developing solutions that are both market-smart and environmentally sound on behalf of our customers and the world we live in. This robust simple culture is foundational and central to everything we are and all we do at OCTEX.

We take our commitment to our planet and our impact on it seriously. Evidence of the unending evolution of our core capabilities can be seen in our recent $10,000,000 investment in state-of-the-art technology, equipment and facilities. Not only does that help us serve you, our valued clients and customers better, it also demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, quality and sustainability.

We’re committed to challenging ourselves, engaging our people, finding solutions and constantly evolving our thinking. Innovation is in more than our spirit, it is our DNA.


The more the world shrinks, the faster we expand.

When you want to compete in a global economy, you need a manufacturer that can fulfill and distribute your products efficiently. Let the OCTEX team of experts manage your inventory, fulfill custom orders quickly and ship to your facilities, wherever they are around the world.

Thinking Faster + Concept to reality, faster, smarter, better.

Never before has the power of thinking smaller and dreaming bigger been more important. At OCTEX, we’re known for always bringing our industry-leading expertise in engineering, tool design and construction to bear for partners like you. No matter how complex or how simple the specification, no matter how big, or increasingly, how small your injection-molding need is, we will make the end result everything you want it to be and more. Or less, if that’s your goal.