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MCT :: Micro Cell Technology

Going smaller to grow larger. In the rapidly changing world of Med Tech, we are rapidly departing the old world of large instruments and invasive procedures. Our brave new world is one of micro and soon to be Nano-sized in vitro diagnostics used to monitor our health. Surgery is moving to Minimally Invasive Technology that utilizes very small and precise devices and with that a new type of technology must be exploited – Micro Molding. These are parts so small, they can only be weighed by specialized scales and features and dimensions that can only be measured, inspected and verified by the latest passive technologies like 3D Microscopes, CT Scanners and XRAD.

OCTEX is at the forefront of this new discipline and has invested in developing this capability to serve the MD&D market. We can produce parts and assemblies for the next generation or medical devices and deliver solutions to the emerging micro-Implantable market.

Our Micro Cell Technology delivers:

  • Part weights to .0008 grams
  • Shot sizes to .05 grams
  • Micro and Near Nano Feature Capability
  • Class 5&6 Cleanroom Equipped with full Automation and Inspection