disposables   MEDICAL

MD&D (Medical Device and Diagnostics)

From surgical devices to in vitro diagnostics, we have you covered. For over a decade OCTEX has been producing parts, sub-assemblies and complete devices for surgical markets. Now with the introduction of our Micro Cell Technology (MCT), we can deliver cost-effective solutions in the fast growing in vitro diagnostics market. By embracing cutting edge technology, we can process implantable and bio-absorbable materials into micro parts/assemblies with micro and near Nano features. The future is here!


Drug delivery and therapies are critical to the new minimally invasive approach to healthcare and at the core of improving patient outcomes on a global basis. At OCTEX, we know this and have solutions for this market. From cutting edge product design to automated systems that allow for efficient production we can deliver market specific solutions.


As the healthcare market grows, the need to have cost-effective disposables has been never more important. One-time use products can provide great cost incentives and improve patient outcomes and are the new norm. Sterilized end-user ready disposables provide healthcare providers with the safest, most cost-effective way to provide care. At OCTEX, we embrace this effort and have a core competency in delivering these unique products, perfectly in high volumes.

Interview with Jim Westman, CEO, OCTEX, and John W Hoskins, EVP – OCTEX, at the NPE 2015 PLASTICS SHOW in Orlando, Florida.



For nearly 25 years, OCTEX has been a prime supplier to some of the world’s best-known premium brands. Our forward-thinking culture, constant innovation and unwavering precision have made us the choice to deliver premium quality and design to the most demanding of retail markets. From the insulated glass you drink from, to the specialty mats you walk on, OCTEX has almost certainly touched your life and made it better.


The ever-changing world we live in presents threats on many levels. As a result, our nation has to deal with them in cost-effective and life-preserving ways. The U.S. Defense and Aerospace Primes now demand commercial cost levels with “Skunkworks” -like innovation. This is our “sweet spot,” as we live for developing the undeveloped and embrace nascent and cutting edge technologies. With the push for COGS solution and reduced costs, we can aid in the “Metal to Plastic” conversion and deliver solutions to the emerging sensors market on the next generation of platforms.

automotive   AUTOMOTIVE

We live in a high-precision world in every phase of life. This is especially true in the world of automotive components. As vehicles become more and more sophisticated and lightweight, everything from switches to sensors need to be created and manufactured with extremely small dimensions and tolerances. When every piece matters, OCTEX matters even more. Especially when we’re talking about critical components in safety and control systems. Our spirit of innovation and ability to deliver unmatched medical and defense-honed precision to different industries like automotive makes OCTEX the ideal partner when you need a team that can drive solutions. Which is exactly what we’ve done and continue to do for some of the most advanced global automotive firms in the world.