Innovation Is Everything

When we talk about “innovation in everything,” it really starts with questioning everything. We want to know why things work, how we can make them better, and what do we have to do to make that “better” a reality.

What makes us, and our culture so different at OCTEX is that we take innovation seriously enough to actually dedicate a corporate division to it as a center of excellence (COE) and then translate that spirit to our entire company. We develop our technology, particularly in nascent and emerging technology road maps by researching future trends, seeing how what’s to come can be applicable by us on behalf of our customers and white-boarding everything as we develop relevant products for market.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Technology

Advanced by the PhDs on staff for material science and developing exclusive processes, we have a single focus… one goal in mind: How can we make everything we do for our customers better, faster and more efficient. Our mission is to live and create in a world where imagination and innovation know no limits.

Problems solved faster

At OCTEX, we pride ourselves on our ability to take a thought and make it into a finished product faster than anyone else in the industry.

In fact, our processes, which include a 40-90% reduction in tool build time and a 45-75% reduction in tool cost, also typically results in a 60% reduction in time to market. With our wide range of experience and partnerships forged with the best companies in the world, we’re built to provide our customers with total solutions, from tooling and tools to logistics and fulfillment.

To get you from concept to carton in record times we employ the following:

  • Nascent Hybrid Tool Creation
  • 3D Printed Concept, Prototype and Functional Models
  • Dedicated Design and DFM COE to take you from a simple drawing to a completed part or device

Innovation is imagination becoming a reality

So how do we make it happen?

• Not a silver bullet or focused on one specific technology
• Every new idea and concept is a step forward

o We can model and look at things inside out
o White-board and question everything
o C2C is effective because we can break away from the status quo

We Take A Patient-Centric Approach

• More patients = better patient outcomes
• Global cost reductions = better products, faster
• Minimally invasive techniques being constantly developed = more cost-effective care globally

Innovation, born and raised here

At our state-of-the-art- facility in Sarasota, Florida, we manufacture components that are the building blocks for some of the world’s top medical, industrial and consumer products. We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified, reflecting our ongoing commitment to quality and consistency.

OCTEX operates the largest custom molding clean room in the state of Florida. Our team includes Six Sigma Master Black & Green Belts, RJG Master Molders, Journey Men mold makers and Paulson-certified operators. Our recent $10,000,000 investment in state-of-the-art technology, equipment and facilities, demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, quality and sustainability.

Our Advanced Manufacturing Systems

  • Is a bridge between Think and Production, implementing all we have learned
  • Has Automation and Lean COE’s: To many, these are industry buzzwords. For us, they are critical blocks in our foundation that allow us to constantly improve efficiencies and deliver cost improvements, year over year.
  • Has an applied science and technology focus so we can take make the latest Innovations work for you. After all, what good is cutting edge and less you can utilize it? Our AMS does this constantly, taking the revolutionary technologies of tomorrow and applies them today.

Good ideas become great when you deliver them efficiently on a go forward basis

At OCTEX, we have a process that allows us to take you from one part to millions with cost-effective automation and process. We design scalability and sustainability into all of our programs so we can support your growth and keep you competitive. Step-ups in production or automation aren’t an afterthought, they are part of our process and we take all things into account.

Concept > Production > End User

  • Parts .0008g to 1 kg – 1 to 500 million AV
  • Engineered to Bio-Absorbable Resin processing
  • Automation – Partial Assemblies to Complete Device
  • Packaging – Single Part to Sterilized End User ready

MCT: Going smaller to grow larger

In the rapidly changing world of Med Tech, we are rapidly departing the old world of large instruments and invasive procedures. Our brave new world is one of micro and soon to be Nano-sized in vitro diagnostics used to monitor our health. Surgery is moving to Minimally Invasive Technology that utilizes very small and precise devices and with that a new type of technology must be exploited – Micro Molding. These are parts so small, they can only be weighed by specialized scales and features and dimensions that can only be measured, inspected and verified by the latest passive technologies like 3D Microscopes, CT Scanners and XRAD.

OCTEX is at the forefront of this new discipline and has invested in developing this capability to serve the MD&D market. We can produce parts and assemblies for the next generation or medical devices and deliver solutions to the emerging micro-Implantable market.

Our Micro Cell Technology delivers:

  • Part weights to .0008 grams
  • Shot sizes to .05 grams
  • Micro and Near Nano Feature Capability
  • Class 5&6 Clean room Equipped with full Automation and Inspection